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About us

      We are the manufacturer of Premium Quality, Natural tea - CHASKATEA - right from the grounds of Assam. ChaskaTea doesn't contain artificial color's, flavors or any other ingredient used for enhancing taste or aroma. It's pure, it's natural and it's free from any or all ingredients - It's ChaskaTea. 

    Where we target all the tea lovers from residential to commercial in the world and strive to provide

world-class quality of tea and services for each and every contract, whether it’s large, medium or small and

we also lead the local industry in customer approval.

    Whether we’re working with an individual client or dealer, we guarantee you’ll receive only the superior quality of product and excellent services from ChaskaTea. Which brings taste of richness and happiness in the life.

So be a part of Teavolution in the world.



    The mission of ChaskaTea is to provide premium quality of natural tea with excellent aroma & taste to the customer, which brings Taste of happiness in life.

    We want to provide best natural product & services with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.

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   Our Vision is to provide premium quality of natural tea to our customer's and we want to brings Teavolution in the world with real aroma and taste.

 We want to create a new business opportunities for growth whether we are working with Individual client or dealer.

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