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About Us


Our Vision & Mission: Teavolution

         India's National Drink 'Tea' with a taste & fragrance which refreshes your mind.    Royal and fresh taste of the 'Chai' designed for India Teasers. ChaskaTea is also available in Premium, Classic & Supreme dust variants.

       As we all Know synthetic color uses tea causes Cancer and other diseases and our ChaskaTea, we can also call natural tea is free from all the artificial colors, content and flavors. 

      By choosing to work with ChaskaTea you can get your favorite ChaskaTea at your convenience. Whether you are a individual or dealer ChaskaTea is always happy to help you with a best product and service's.

Discover the Aroma & Taste of Tea with ChaskaTea.

Excellent Quality, Natural Taste, Eco Packaging, No GMO
The benefits of drinking ChaskaTea - improves brain function
Tea Leaves

How to make

How to make our ChaskaTea

Add ChaskaTea in
Boiling Water

Add Milk
and Sugar

Wait 10 Mins.

Enjoy your


Monday - Saturday

11:00AM to 8:00PM


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